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May 11, 2007

Senior Citizen Free Preview Month

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So, I’ve always heard about how, when you age, visits to the doctor proliferate like dandelions, right? I just always figured it would happen right around the time your Medicare ID shows up.

I think I’m getting a free preview month.

After my friend Larisa was diagnosed with Breast CA last month, I made a new commitment to taking care of myself.  Yes, I did go to an OB/GYN, and have my prescription for a mammogram.  I’ve also ended up at:



Family Practice

and am headed to:


Plastic Surgeon

All before Memorial day. Dang.

BTW I’ve also experienced the surreal.  Dermatologist was to check out a strange cut-that-wouldn’t heal on my shoulder that DH spotted and kept an eye on. As it turns out, it’s a basal cell carcinoma.   Wow. I have skin cancer.  What’s weird is that it completely does not phase me, even after I went to the FP and for the first time circled “cancer” on the new patient questionnaire.

What’s also strange is that since I’ve gotten that DX, nearly everyone I’ve told has reacted like this: “Oh, yeah, I had one of those…” Who knew?

So now I have a great excuse to not go to the beach, or at least cover up a ton, and have rededicated my life to sunscreen.  I love Coppertone Continuous Spray stuff. It rocks.  Must go search for large floppy hats.

Oh, Plastic Surgeon is to remove said lesion, as it’s in a tricky place according to Dermatologist.  Maybe when I go there I can ask why it seems my entire body has slid 2″ towards the floor.  I kid you not.

As it would happen, FP directed me to a radiologist nearby who does only mammograms and reads them in her office right after you take them – no going home and wondering, no terrifying callbacks to get ‘better pictures’, only according to FP like 10 minutes wait.  Cool.  This works well with my aforementioned sheer terror something will be wrong. No coincidences.

Anyhow, it does seem like I’ve spent a great deal more time in doctor’s offices in the past month than ever before in my life (even when we were doing infertility TX or the time I blew out my knee).  I suppose a nice perk is that I’m now caught up on People and Good Housekeeping. 🙂  I also have a new appreciation for the life of a Senior Citizen, that’s for sure.

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