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May 14, 2007

Mountains from Molehills…

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OK so everyone who’s heard of how painful and/or difficult or unpleasant a mammogram is (i.e., the jokes about slamming your breast in a refrigerator door, etc.), listen up: It’s not.   Yeah, they smush your breast in-between two plates.  For like 15 seconds a pop (4 total – that’s a whole MINUTE of your life).  Yes, it hurts, like a big pinch.   Not nearly as bad though as many other tests or ‘procedures’.  Honestly, I found a pap smear to be more uncomfortable than this, and that lasts longer.

Plus, my FP referred me to a practice that reads the films while you wait, and the only thing they do are mammograms.  SO, no waiting for days, no making another appt to get new films done. I waited about 10 minutes before the doctor called me in.

The result?  Clear as a bell.  And thanks to age, I do NOT have ‘very dense breast material” as I had been told before. I saw the films, and she answered all my questions.

Whew.  I hadn’t realized how much it was scaring me until I heard that.  I’ve been grinning ever since.

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