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May 17, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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One of my enduring memories of childhood were the times my Dad and I went to the ballgames together.  Always the Phillies, always at the Vet- possibly the worst place ever to see a ballgame.  We’d get tickets in the ‘cheap seats’, then move down to lower levels after the 3rd inning (with of course the ushers blessing).

It was always my Dad and I.  It was not every game, though there were quite a few.  My sisters had little interest in sports, niether did my Mom truly.   While I’m sure there must have been times we all went- my Mom swears there were – I don’t honestly have a recollection of them.

I can’t remember when we stopped going, though it was probably just before I went to college because I can remember seeing Mike Schmidt play his last games.

I’ve caught a few games since leaving home – a couple of games in San Diego, then a few minor league games in Virginia.  Nothing consistent, just a game here or there.   It was OK.  Became a huge hockey fan, that’s where we spent our ‘sports dollars’.

This past weekend, we had friends in from VA to catch the Phillies vs. Cubs games.  I went on Sunday – Mother’s Day – with Steve, our friends and my Dad. Because the game was sold out, I could only get tickets in blocks of two, near each other but not next to.  Steve insisted I sit with my Dad.

The funny thing about memories are that sometimes the emotional resonance gets lost, or buried.  I had always spoken of the games I went to with my Dad – it’s something most everyone who knows me has heard.  What I had forgotten was the pure joy there was in doing that.  Not just going to the games; going with him, in pure sync, natural, comfortable, and complete presence in the moment.   It was as if time reversed and we were back at the Vet, father and daughter.  Only now it’s the Bank, a WAY better place to see a ballgame.

My God, I had not realized how much I missed that, and how much I enjoy it.  How is it that I never made it to a game with him in so many years? How lucky I feel to have discovered it again.

Happy Mother’s Day to me.

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