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August 12, 2007

The Difference Between…

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Of course, thinking about my last post, I realize there’s a key difference between Santa Claus and Jesus:

Adults don’t run around insisting Santa is real, is The Way, devote evangelical TV shows, donate money, start wars over (ostensibly), or pray to Santa.

Unless they’re retail merchants. 🙂

I think this is what bothered me the most. Believing the whole kit AND kaboodle, then discovering that even those who professed to be devout were fakers. They didn’t live what they professed, nor did they really expect me to.

That there is still this insistence on Faith in the face of disillusionment I think made it that much harder for me. After all, when I realized the Tooth Fairy was my Dad, nobody ran around calling me a sinner and insisting that I must believe in the TF or my soul would be damned. Everyone just smiled and said yeah, but isn’t it fun to believe?

I don’t want my son to learn hypocrisy this way (though the Church is an *excellent* teacher). Heck, I don’t want him to learn it at all, though he will.

So, how do I teach him, show him, the good in the Faith without allowing him to be cuckolded?


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