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September 8, 2007

Isn’t it interesting….

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That a terrorist plot is ‘foiled’ or another ‘Bin Laden’ video surfaces right around the time that things domesically are in the crapper? I wonder if anyone’s correlated these ‘events’?

In our current scene, forclosure looms for thousands, Mattel I believe is Chinese for “lead poisioning” (and I don’t believe for one minute the company was an ‘innocent victim’ here) and the credit market’s in the crapper as nobody wants to buy bad mortgage bonds (which is impacting lots of other things, trickling down of course to jobs). People are generally unhappy, scared and maybe just starting to think that unbridled capitalism isn’t always such a good thing.

Thanks to unbridled capitalism, now they’re losing their house that they probably paid too much for, they may lose their job too and Happy Times Barbie is giving their kid brain damage. Oh and they’ll have a hard time finding another job that isn’t low paid service b/c all the jobs making things that aren’t bombs have gone overseas, where it’s OK to poison people and ruin the environment again as long as you make a buck.

So what’s a good Neocon to do? Enter Bin Laden and ‘real’ terrorist plots.


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