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January 20, 2008

Our Trip to the World of the Mouse Part I: Lodging

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After two years of planning and two postponements, we finally made our trip to the World of the Mouse (AKA DisneyWorld) in Orlando FL last week. Was it worth it? Overall, yes. 5 1/2 YO DS loved it, January is a great month to go as you avoid massive crowds, and the weather overall was decent.

We stayed at the Shades of Green military rec center. This was the former Disney Plantation hotel, a high-end hotel in the vicinity of the Magic Kingdom. It’s surrounded by the Disney golf courses, and is a short walk to the monorail at the Polynesian or you can take a bus from the hotel to the Travel & Ticket Center or directly to one of the outlying amusement areas (MGM, Animal Kingdom) that don’t have monorail.

Because it was built as a high-end resort, the rooms in the “original” section are large and comfortable, and the sound insulation means you don’t hear your neighbors flushing their commode. The lobby is beautiful, airy and comfortable and the food surprisingly good and reasonably priced. Highly recommend Mangino’s, an upscale, Italian country themed restaurant serving dinner nightly. Their Aglio Olio was outstanding, as was most everything on the menu.

Drawbacks: Well, DH got a reminder of “John Wayne” toilet paper (it’s rough, it’s tough, and it don’t take no crap) formerly found only on ships. The pillows were similarly reminiscent of sea times (aka, crappy). Lastly, we felt they did get a little nickel-and-dime focused – not only did we pay $6.95/day for broadband ethernet access (no broadband wireless), but they wanted to charge us $1 a page to print our boarding passes.

I wish we’d flown a major airline b/c they do bag check at the hotel for return flights. We flew Southwest, which did not participate in that program.

We loved that they had an AAFES PX “Convenience Store” onsite with Disney memorabilia, snacks, food products, health care items, etc.  Basically an onsite fully stocked convenience store with decent prices (especially on the Disney souveniers).

Despite the relatively minor drawbacks, I would highly recommend the hotel to anyone eligible (Military AD, Retirees, Civil Service, and even honorably discharged Veterans during the months of Jan & Sept) as it’s close to the action, beautifully appointed, comfortable and pleasant.

More later…

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