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January 26, 2008

Our Trip to the World of the Mouse Part III: MGM

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We were a little surprised given all the advance buzz about lines and crowds that the Magic Kingdom took us only 1 1/2 days to get through.   With the extra day in our schedule, we decided to head over to the newly re-named “Disney Hollywood Studios” formerly and still popularly called MGM.

The park itself is really neat looking,  as it closely resembles a movie set of very realistic street scenes from different eras – California in the 40’s, NYC in the 30’s, San Francisco same time period, and anywhere in the 50’s depending on which way you go.

From a ride perspective, MGM has hardly any, though the ones they have were really fun.  The Star Wars simulator ride was great, and outside they had a “Jedi School” program going where small kids selected from the crowd got to learn how to be Jedis and fight Darth Vader.  That was fun to watch, especially as clearly there were some ‘older’ kids (read: Kids with credit cards, driver’s licenses and full time jobs) who were dying to get up there themselves in the audience.  DS was thrilled to see the “real” Darth Vader and hear Yoda.  It was well done and fun.

Also went on the Tower of Terror, which 5 YO DS thought was fun.  He was more scared of the preview to the ride where ‘ghosts’ tried to get in his elevator than the actual ride. The picture they took of the riders mid-ride shows DS and DH looking at each other and laughing.  From DS: “Mom, it just goes up and down. What’s the big deal?”  Yep, I’ve got a roller coaster thrill ride kid.

The free play area they have is super neat – part of the set of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, lots of giant fake grass blades and things to climb on.

MGM is mostly shows and DS wasn’t in the  mood to sit through them. We heard the Thrill Show was fantastic, but the timing wasn’t good.  Wanted to see Muppets 3-D but somebody wouldn’t cooperate.

What MGM lacks in the ride arena it more than makes up in Character appearances. They’re all over the place, you have schedule & locations, and the PhotoPass photographers are all over the place.  DS was thrilled to meet the Power Rangers (who arrive in their Power Rangers car), Buzz & Woody, Frozone, Stitch, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Mike & Sully, and Chip N Dale.  Add to this a Character Lunch at MGM with the Little Einsteins and Jo Jo’s Circus.  Yep, Character Bonanza.

The Character lunch was by the way really quite good, with fairly sophisticated buffet items like beef loin sauteed with onions in wine sauce.   I’d recommend that character event too, especially for kids who are still into Playhouse Disney.

MGM’s also good for shopping – lots of stores, better laid out than Magic Kingdom I think.   Oh, and my Mom & I took the Backstage Lot tour which is more fun than it sounds.  We saw the Cars & Stars parade which DS loved too.


Star Wars ride

Tower of Terror

Aerosmith Rock & Roller Coaster (DH went on, this has a 48″ height requirement)


Not as many rides

It’s good for one day, maybe 2 if you’re really into seeing shows.

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