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March 13, 2008

Quite Possibly the World’s Most Perfect Food…

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One of the things I absolutely love about the Easter holiday is the candy. I actually think secular Easter does candy better than secular Halloween.  Among my favorites would be Cadbury Creme Eggs (10 gazillion calories per egg and worth every minute on the treadmill), Reese’s Easter Eggs (mmmm) and of course Chocolate Bunnies.  DH loves hard marshmallow hide-an-eggs. I think they’re one of the biggest crimes against sugar on earth.  I mean, those things can survive a nuclear blast. Ugh.

By far, my favorite Easter candy would be the illustrious Peep.  Not the Peep bunny or the Peep Jack O Lantern or the Peep Tree, those would be shoddy brand extensions.   Give me the original any day.  They are quite possibly the worlds most perfect food – simple, sweet but not overwhelming, slightly crunchy, and filling without sticking to your teeth.  Mmmm…

They are also quite hardy creatures, as seen in one of my favorite sites   Now here are people who respect the Peep, value the Peep, want to understand the Peep, or have entirely too much time on their hands and a warped sense of humor.  In other words, my kind of people.


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