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April 20, 2008

To The People Who Market McDonalds…

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Please stop making Happy Meal toys that have sound.  Especially ones who make the same sounds over and over and over.  It only serves to push adults like us over the cliffs of insanity.  So please, for our sake, and for the sake of family harmony, stop with the noisy toys already.

Thank you.  Yeah, I feel better again.


April 18, 2008

Worse than Telemarketers

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In the past week, we’re averaging three calls a day from either the Clinton or Obama campaign, all with cheery “Vote for/Join Us/Come to Our Event” themes.   It’s making me dearly wish that we could put out a Do Not Call for Political parties just like we do telemarketers.  Does anyone honestly believe these happy happy upbeat (mixed in with a few swift-boating icky messages) contacts will do anything but turn me away from voting for them out of sheer annoyance?

April 5, 2008

Don’t Forget To Dance (and Sing)

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I really liked this:

It’s very easy to forget, to get caught up in it all, to forget that he who dies with the most…still dies.

April 1, 2008

Innoculating Children Against Advertising

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Today I came across this post by Lisa Tiffin on the blog Get Rich Slowly via a cross-post on My Money Blog.   Great ideas, and quite timely.  My not-quite six year old has just begun watching channels with discrete advertising – by that I mean those traditional commercials we all see and, yeah, enjoy many times for their entertainment value.  In the past, DS’ viewing was limited to PBS and Disney Channel where the advertising is less direct – no active “buy this it’s great!” messaging.

With the onset of Nickelodeon and (ugh) Cartoon Network viewing, I’ve very recently noticed both urgent “Mom I want that really badly” pleas and “Hey, Mom, you’re using OrangeGlo so you don’t have to sand the hardwood floors!” comments along with just this week a request to be picked up at school at 9 AM so he could come home and watch the new “Ben 10” episode.  Uh-oh.

I really like what Lisa suggests here and am planning to begin (along with DH) this with DS today.

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