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June 15, 2008

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

He did great.  The three of us discussed how he felt that morning.  Funny, he thought the teacher would make him even if Mommy said no.  He’s really terrified of her (I’m not a fan either).  So, in the end I reminded him that Mommy always keeps her promises, Daddy does too (we do – Love & Logic pays off), and he decided to participate with the caveat that he could come sit with us if he wanted to.

I have to say Kindergarten graduation was really cute and yes, I got teary.  They introduced themselves, sang some songs, showed a slide show with music, and each got their ‘diploma’.  He was really getting into a couple of the songs.  He looked over at me lots of times and I gave big thumbs up.  10,000 watt smile from him each time and a giant run over and gave me a jumping hug after.  Wonderful.  The kids had all done artwork that they posted, including one behind each chair that showed four things they remember about Kindergarten.  Our son had 1) Playing with his friends outside 2) Playing at lunchtime, 3) Playing with choices and 4) Kindergarten rehearsal.  Note the dominant word “Playing”.  Definitely not an anti-social kid, even for all his performance shyness.

Then, of course, off to the post-graduation party (yes, even in kindergarten).  6 hours of playing.  Heaven.

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