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February 6, 2009

What the #$*(P&? Enough Already!

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Like hundreds of millions of folks in the country, I watched with hope and awe the inauguration a few weeks ago. It was one of those times when I really truly thought an era was ending, we had collectively pulled our heads out of…wherever…and were finally going to change course and fix what is so clearly broken in our economy.

This, after the ‘great bailout’ which (no surprises) turned out to be the great big Christmas bonus from us taxpayers to fatcat bankers and Wall Street bigwigs via their Republican buddies. You know, the guys who then took those ‘critically needed to save us’ trillions of dollars, then managed both to layoff thousands AND still give themselves ‘great job’ bonuses and continue fueling their private jets and ‘team building’ exercises in the Bahamas using our tax dollars.

I figured (hoped) that those payoffs/paybacks/lovely party gifts were the last gasp of a 30 year failed economic theory that if you cut taxes at the top, it spurs investment and that if you regulate less, the market takes care of everything. We can all see how that one turned out, right? (Lots of investment dollars channeled into suspect mortgage schemes and more and more Ponzis that then begat more and more suspect mortgage schemes and more and more Ponzis meanwhile real jobs eroding and pop! goes the economy).

Then we’ve had a succession of black Mondays, as they’re being called, as more and more employers ‘shed’ jobs (like a dog sheds old fur? These are PEOPLE, not things to be ‘shed’) and more and more people sink into unemployment and debt and despair and desperation.

Then comes Mr. Obama and his idea to take those dollars previously directed to fund private jet fuel and Bahamas massages and $30 Million bonuses for running us into the ground and use it to, well, fix our aging creaking water systems, our bridges that are falling down (remember Minn 35W?), and our schools that house our future and are becoming dangerously outdated. Sounds good to me. At least I get a better water system, safe bridges and good school facilities out of it. Maybe even some more energy independence. Under the previous plan, I got to read about how great it was to steal us all blind AND still maintain my standard of living AND get great bonuses for doing so.

So, OK. Obama makes a critical mistake though: He thinks that good ideas should be acknowledged, especially when so many of you have royally blown it (and don’t even pretend to be surprised that this happened since we all know you very well saw it a looong time ago and ignored it because it was making you rich as Rome was burning).

Imagine my surprise to read though that some are either more delusional than I thought OR they really don’t give a crap about the rest of us and are just looking for any way to derail their ‘opposition’ just for spite or because they want a return to the days when they’re lining their pockets with our tax dollars while we drown.

Because Republicans are now looking to ‘trim’ the rescue package, take tax dollars out of infrastructure spending (stuff we really need) in favor of tax cuts designed to ‘stimulate spending’ – give us our tax dollars back to spend any way we like. Um, if we don’t have jobs, and don’t even have the prospect of getting jobs, we don’t pay income tax and we don’t get any tax dollars to spend, geniuses. What dollars we do get we’re saving like newly evangelized recovering grasshoppers who’ve just realized the storm is coming and we’re not ready.

Companies who make stuff for us to buy with our newly-freed-non-existent tax dollars aren’t investing either because, well, nobody’s buying their stuff (because we either don’t have income, are getting our income cut, or are terrified we’ll lose our income and are now socking away every extra dime). So, not much room for investment when you don’t have customers.

See, before any tax cuts ‘stimulate’ anything there have to be tax dollars generated, and without jobs, people don’t pay so much in taxes. So what you’re really doing here is ‘rescuing’ all those who would still pay taxes even without jobs -those with trust funds, massive investments, large pots of money. You know, the ones who don’t actually work and are having to downsize from their Bentley to their Benz but will never lose their house or their family or worry about feeding their kids. Yeah, they’re the ones who really need help. Truly.

So, my advice for Mr. Obama? Quit looking to make peace in the sandbox. Don’t look to create ‘bipartisanship’ with those who clearly are not interested at all in the ‘common good’ unless the ‘common good’ is only the top 5% of earners. These are the folks who think (truly) that another Great Depression would be ‘good’ for us as it would allow the market to ‘fix’ itself and rid ourselves of all this unnecessary spending and teach us all a ‘lesson’ in how to be self-reliant and strong. End the welfare state! Let them all starve and let only the strong (rich) survive. That’s the right stuff! It’s time for us all to say no more, folks. It just doesn’t work and what you’re proposing is not going to fly.

Enough, already.


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